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Do you have question about the Botanical Safety Handbook, 2nd ed. or a suggession for how we can improve it? Is there another herb that you would like us to add, or other information that you would like to be included? Use the form below to send us your thoughts. We'd like to hear them from you.

American Herbal Products Association

The American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) is the only national trade association that is focused primarily on herbs and botanicals and herbal products. Are you interested in connecting with our office? Our members include domestic and foreign companies doing business as growers, collectors, processors, manufacturers, marketers, importers, exporters and distrubutors of herbs and herbal products.

AHPA's mission is to support responsible commerce of herbal products. Our production of Botanical Safety Handbook, 2nd ed. reflects this mission, and provides accurate information about the safe use of herbs in a practical and accessible format.

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